Bamboo Sheets – Don’t Suffer Bed Bugs Any Longer!

The qualities of bamboo have long been exploited in Asian countries and for very good reason. The western world has been catching on lately and one of the latest uses for this sustainable product has in the production of bamboo sheets.Yes, bedding is the latest home accessory where bamboo has been used to great effect and the trend has been growing rapidly during the past two years.So what are the benefits of bamboo sheets? Let’s take a look at some of them and then look for any negatives.Benefits- It’s soft, almost silk like but with much more traction. One of the problems with silk is one can feel like they’re slipping and sliding in it but bamboo sheets offer much more traction.- Light and strong- It’s anti-bacterial and has hypoallergenic qualities. The ability of bamboo to resist bacteria makes it the ideal material for bedding especially given the coverage in recent times to problems such as bed bugs.- Very adaptable in summer and winter. The material has the ability to adjust to the climate keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. This is because it’s insulation ability and the material’s breathing nature.NegativesOne of the main drawbacks initially was reports of fraying edges. This has a lot to do with the maintenance of bamboo sheets which require more delicate wash cycles and less abrasive wash detergents. Price has also been touted as a negative with many consumers suggesting it’s more expensive than traditional sheets. Price can be as low as $30 but can quickly skyrocket from there. Given it’s obvious qualities and adaptability in either cool or warm conditions, then one would assume they could be used all year round.If that’s the case then price really isn’t an issue especially considering the wear you can get from one set of sheets. It saves the problem of buying bother summer and winter sheets in traditional material.It’s advantage over material such as cotton is gaining momentum. Cotton use is often criticized because of the extensive use of pesticides during the farming process. Bamboo requires no pesticide treatment to ward off bugs because of it’s own natural ability to perform that role.

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